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Archery lessons 

By appointment only  (Summer & Fall)                                

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Lessons cover the safety and basic fundamentals of recurve archery and archers are taught the 10 steps of the archery shot: proper stance, nocking, bow hand, string hand, pre-draw, anchor, aim, release and follow-through.  You will also learn how to progress at your  own pace to advance properly. You will start on our safe archery field and then progress to the real archery field to ensure you have the basic skills to fire real arrows. Archers will gain a good working knowledge of recurve archery and will be prepared for further development in the sport.

Class involves the following:

-Proper warm up exercises 

-Archery fundamentals

-Knowing your draw length

-Know your limits

-What is a recurve bow and its components

-Proper shooting techniques

-Target practice  on the archery field

-Choosing the right equipment 

All equipment is supplied!

Safe archery zone

Come practice your shot at our safe practice zone, before joining in on a game. 

This type of archery target practice is safe for everyone, but still played with real bows and real arrows with foam tips.

Rate: $4.50/30 minutes or $7.00/60 minutes

                                                                       Basic archery training provided for beginners!

Take the 30 second challenge 

Knock out 5 targets in 30 seconds, and win a free 35 minute game or  1 hr practice