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All our lessons cover the safety and basic fundamentals of recurve archery and archers are taught the 10 steps of the archery shot: proper stance, nocking, bow hand, string hand, pre-draw, anchor, aim, release and follow-through.  You will also learn how to progress at your own pace to advance properly. Beginners will start on our safe archery field and then progress to the real archery field to ensure they have the basic skills to fire real arrows. Archers will gain a good working knowledge of recurve archery and will be prepared for further development in the sport.

All equipment is supplied: Bow, arrows and arm guard

6 weeks-Cost: $175 + HST or 10 weeks-Cost $275 + HST

This 6 or 10 week introduction to archery is for individuals who have never shot a bow or taken formal archery lessons. Classes will run for 6 weeks or 10 weeks on your chosen day and time. Lessons are available to youth and adults.


In this course, range safety is emphasized and the fundamentals of recurve archery are covered. The new archer can focus on establishing a good foundation and shot technique on which to begin to build their knowledge and skill. As safety is of great importance, the first two classes will be with safe foam tip arrows on foam targets, to give the archer the necessary skills to progress to real arrows and level 2. In this course, shooting distance will be at 10 yards.


Archery fundamentals (What is a recurve bow and its components, types of bows etc..)
Range safety (first class is mandatory)
Proper warm up exercises (Archery is a sport!)
Determining your eye dominance
Determining your draw length
Stance (correct shooting posture)
Correct bow hand position and shooting reference
Developing your own technique
Target practice on the archery field

Cost: $175 + HST (Not available at this time)

This 6-week course is for individuals who wish to further their archery skills and have  completed the Level 1 course. Lessons are available to youth and adults.


In this course, participants will be introduced to new skills, and will further practice their stance, technique and shooting. At the same time, the knowledge learnt in the Level 1 course will be reinforced. Emphasis will be on building a consistent basic shot routine and increasing accuracy. In this course, shooting distance will at 20 to 30 yards.


Range safety as always
Proper warm up and strengthening exercises (Archery is a sport!)

Perfecting your shot routine under strict supervision

Starting and finishing your session with a blind shot

Stationary and moving targets
Target practice on the archery field

Choosing the right equipment
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Registration will start in March and classes will begin in May 2022.

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